Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Appreciation to our wonderful 2010 Masquerading Angels Ball Sponsors

Our Appreciation to our wonderful 2010 Masquerading Angels Ball Sponsors

Our Sponsors:
  • APX Alarm
  • Davis Water Service
  • Dick & Heidi Pehrson, in memory of Zoe Fisher
  • Gracia Barry in honor of Jessica Barry
  • IBDC, in memory of Zoe Fisher
  • La Cocina

Gifts / Services In Kind:

  • 96rock
  • Carolina Confection Couture
  • Chapel Hill Restaurant Group
  • Charles Ryan Suit
  • Cinnabon
  • Country Catering by Robbie Jean Yarbrough
  • Durham Hilton near Duke University
  • Ganyard Farm

  • Halloween and More
  • Immaculate Baking Co.
  • Jim Shaw Photography
  • Kimmi’s Confections
  • Mimi’s Restaurant
  • On The Border
  • Rangoni Firenze
  • Susan Lay
  • The Angus Barn
  • Tournament Promotions
  • ZSpotlight

Auction Item Donors:

  • AirTran Airline
  • Al Unser
  • Alex Cora
  • Amy Brown Art
  • Ann Margaret
  • Belk
  • Betty White
  • Bill Anderson
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Casey Kasem
  • Chris & Ashley Barry, in honor of Jessica Barry
  • Christina Ricci
  • Collin Raye
  • Craig & Dawn Williamson, in memory of Shane Torrence
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Darren & DeAnn McGilberry, in memory of Claude McGilberry and in honor of Celie McGilberry
  • Davey Jones
  • Davi’s Home Defense & Firearms
  • Davis Love, III
  • Dennis The Menace, inc.
  • Dick & Heidi Pehrson, in memory of Zoe Fisher
  • Durham Bulls
  • Ed Ferree
  • Elizabeth Lopez, in honor of being a CDH survivor
  • Faith Hill
  • Germayne Shaw
  • Gilbert & Patricia Jones, in memory of Debra Jones
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Hideki Okajima
  • Impressa
  • Jack Wagner
  • Jaclyn Smith
  • Jan and Dean
  • Janet Leigh
  • Jeff Foxworthy
  • Jeremy Bonderman
  • Jerry Rice
  • Joe Nemecheck
  • Julie Newmar
  • Kathy Sheldon, in honor of Logan Wagner
  • Kenny Wallace
  • Kevin & Barbara Wagner, in honor of Logan Wagner
  • Kevin and Nicole Colvin, in memory of Kasey Colvin
  • Kurt Busch
  • Lilly Beck Originals
  • Lisa Gaither
  • Lochmere Golf Club
  • Mark Haimill
  • Martina McBride
  • Michael Waltrip
  • Mitchele and Nicole Skrove, in honor of Scarlette Skrove
  • Patricia Neal
  • Patsy Pease, in honor of Russell
  • Paul Lo Duca
  • Randy Quaid
  • Richard Petty
  • Ryan Newman
  • Shelly Moore and Alicia Gilbert, in memory of Jayden Gilbert
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Super Optics, in memory of Dallas Miller
  • The Happy Tooth Dentistry
  • The Neuse Golf Club
  • Tim McGraw
  • Tippy Martinez
  • Tony Randall
  • Tony Stewart
  • Top of the Hill Restaurant
  • Troy & Rebecca Miller, in memory of Dallas Miller
  • Walt Disney World
  • Will & Karen Myers, in memory of Kaleigh Myers
  • Willie Nelson
  • Wines for Humanity

Special Thanks To:


Antwanne Best

APX Alarm

Ashley Barry

Barbara Wagner

Bob the Blade

Chip Bright
Chris Weaver

Davi’s Home Defense & Firearms

Craig Williamson

Dawn Williamson

Durham Herald-Sun

Ed Spencer

Elizabeth Lopez

Erin Fisher

Gina Cappola Della Porta

Heidi Pehrson

Jacquetta Taborn

Jessica Johnston

Jim Shaw

John Embers

Karen Myers

Lisa's Gourmet Cupboard

News 14

Patricia Pease

Phillip Gates-Idem

Raleigh News & Observer

Susan Lay

Tracey Early

Troy Miller

Wake Weekly

Wendy Petty

Our Organization:

CHERUBS is a 501(c)III organization located in North Carolina. CHERUBS serves families of children and adults born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). As of April 2008, we have over 2250 members in all 50 states and 33 countries. Our Board Members include the founding father of in-utero surgery, genetic counselors, epidemiologists, pediatric surgeons and parents of children born with CDH. We are a volunteer-run organization and a United States Internal Revenue Service recognized 501(c)III Non-Profit Organization.

What is CDH?

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) occurs in approximately 1 in every 2,500 births (1,600 cases in the U.S. each year). The cause of CDH is not yet known. The diaphragm is formed in the first trimester of pregnancy and controls the lungs' ability to inhale and exhale. CDH occurs when the diaphragm fails to form or to close totally and an opening allows abdominal organs into the chest cavity. This inhibits lung growth. The cause is not yet known.

Roughly 50% of babies born with CDH do not survive. Of the 50% that do survive, most will endure long hospital stays, feeding issues, asthma and other problems. A few of the survivors suffer from severe long-term medical issues.

CDH occurs as frequently as Spina Bifida and Cystic Fibrosis, yet there is very little research being done and virtually no media coverage.