Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auction Donations - Dental Care donated by The Happy Tooth

A HUGE thank you goes out to The Happy Tooth and Dr. Larry J. Moray for the very generous donation of 2 Gift Certificates!!!! 

If you're look for a wonderful family dentist, make sure to call The Happy Tooth!

$1000 gift certificate to The Happy Tooth for comprehensive orthodontic treatment and free upgrade to Invisalign or esthetic brackets!   
Redeemable in 4 locations (Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Sanford or Cary).

A Gift Certificate to The Happy Tooth for a free comprehensive dental exam, complementary FMX or Panorex and simple cleaning at any Happy Tooth Location!
Redeemable in all 6 locations (Chapel Hill, Durham, M. Airy, Wake Forest, Sanford or Cary).

From The Happy Tooth web site:

Caring for children & adults. Orthodontist featuring Invisalign. We file insurance.

All dentists are taught to treat some orthodontic problems. If your general dentist thinks you should see a specialist, he or she will refer you to an orthodontist who has had advanced university-based training in the area of dental development, malocclusion, and facial esthetics. 

Dr. Moray brings a unique perspective to his practice. His life philosophy has been to enjoy the richness of life's many experiences, and this permeates all his endeavors.

Dr. Moray moved to Chapel Hill , NC in 1979, entering a PhD program in neurobiology in 1982. He completed his dental training at UNC in 1990, and spent one year in a hospital dental residency in Hampton, Virginia. From 1991-94 he taught at the VCU/MCV School of Dentistry, and ran the hospital dental clinic at MCV Hospitals in Richmond, Virginia.

Following graduation from the orthodontic residency at UNC in 1997, Dr. Moray opened his office at Preston Corners and then opened his office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in September of 2001. Dr. Moray continues to teach part time at UNC.

For fun, Dr. Moray competes in triathlons, so he can often be found running and cycling around Cary and neighboring areas!

If you feel you have an emergency, please call our office. By calling before coming by, it allows us to evaluate your problem and schedule the time needed. If our office is closed due to vacation or staff continuing education courses, you will be instructed whom to call. 
If something comes off of your braces, bring the piece with you. It may be something that we can replace.
A loose bracket may wait until your next appointment to be fixed. If more than one bracket is loose, please call so we may give you a longer appointment time to reattach them. 
If you have any bleeding, swelling, or constant pain that Advil or Tylenol will not relieve, please call. Dr. Moray may want to see you. 
Our office always has someone on call to assist you after normal business hours. Please call the office for emergency instructions and an emergency number. 
If you wish to change or cancel your appointment , please do not call the emergency number. You may leave a message on our answering machine.  

Imagine yourself in a comfortable friendly dentist area.  A place with surroundings so warm and comfortable you forget it's a dental office.  Instead of the worries that accompany a visit for dental needs your thoughts are directed towards the overall joy and fun of the environment of the HAPPY TOOTH.  

Now imagine yourself with a beautiful, new smile - a smile that can improve your confidence, your self-esteem and your overall health!  

With modern, high-tech cosmetic dentistry from Doctors Larry J. Moray and Dr. Jin Yi Kwon, it's easy to make that smile a reality.  

Your beautiful smile and your permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime.  We'll help your entire family maintain good oral health.  Moreover we will help you protect and improve the appearance of your teeth, and keep your smile white and bright.  We are committed to helping you achieve the highest possible level of dental health and wellness.  

Don't just imagine that new smile!  You deserve it - so make it happen!  Give yourself something really outstanding to smile about, and make your dentistry appointment with The Happy Tooth today.  

Specializing in Family Dental Care, we care for Children and Adults.  We are both an Orthodontic dentist practice; a Pediatric dentist practice and a Cosmetic Dentistry Practice.  We also have sedation for patients who are anxious.  

For over Ten years The Happy Tooth and Dr. Larry J. Moray and Associates have made it easy to ensure your smile is perfected, and all of your dental needs are met and exceeded.  So come on down.  

The Happy Tooth has 7 convenient locations.  And in each office you will find a Dentist with extreme compassion and a friendly caring staff that makes you feel like family.  You are sure to be given the respect, attention, and consideration you deserve.  

From Sanford, to Chapel Hill; from Durham to Raleigh; and from Cary to Wake Forest we have the passion and convenience to ensure that all your dental needs are satisfied.  We guarantee you will be pleased with how great your teeth look when we are done.  

Call 919-933-3310 or find us on the web at  We are available for emergency service 24 hours a day - we always have someone on call for you.  Just like family, we answer the phone.  Once again, call us on 919-933-3310.  The Happy Tooth - let us surprise you with the service you deserve!  You will be happy you did! 

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