Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auction Item #36 Watercolor Study - Iris

Auction Item #36 Watercolor Study - Iris

Hand painted oil painting by artist pat merriman
Donated in memory of zoe Fisher

 Starting Big is $25.00

Now taking SEALED BIDS by e-mail until October 19th.

 Submit your sealed bid from anywhere around the world! You do not have to attend the Angel Ball to participate! Here's what you do BEFORE October 19th:

 FOR EACH BID E-mail us the following info:

 To: events@cdhsupport.org
 Subject Line: 2012 Sealed Auction Bid

 * Item name
 * Item numbers
 * Your name
 * Your mailing address
 * Your phone number
 * The HIGHEST amount you will pay for this item.


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