Thursday, October 11, 2012

Auction Item #1 Skin Sense Gift Certificate

#1 Skin Sense Gift Certificate

Gift Card for a Pear & Apple sugar Scrub Massage
Donated by Skin Sense of Briar Creek

Starting Big is $10.00

Now taking SEALED BIDS by e-mail until October 19th.

Submit your sealed bid from anywhere around the world! You do not have to attend the Angel Ball to participate! Here's what you do BEFORE October 19th:

FOR EACH BID E-mail us the following info:

Subject Line: 2012 Sealed Auction Bid

* Item name
* Item numbers
* Your name
* Your mailing address
* Your phone number
* The HIGHEST amount you will pay for this item.


Remember, you can get outbid at the Angel Ball if your bid is too low and will NOT have a chance to bid higher. You can also be outbid by another sealed bidder.

The 5 highest bidding silent auction items will go into live bidding at the Angel Ball. Your bid still counts unless you are outbid at the event!

By October 25th one of Angel Ball Committee Members will e-mail you back and then call if you are the highest sealed bidder. When we call, we will ask you for your credit card information for proof of your honest bid. If you win you will be notified and your credit card will be charged by October 25th.

This is an exciting way for your to participate at the event without being there and to get great items while helping a wonderful cause!

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