Friday, October 1, 2010

Earn Free Casino Chips by Voting for CHERUBS in the Pepsi Refresh Contest!

Earn Free Casino Chips

Vote for CHERUBS in the Pepsi Refresh contest either through Facebook or Pepsi's site and you can earn up $1 casino dollar for each vote!

How to Play:
  1.  Go to the Pepsi Refresh site at  or to Pepsi Refresh Facebook Application at (search for CHERUBS)
  2.  Sign and vote for all 5 projects
  3.  Print off the web page - it should show that you voted for all 5 projects and the date you voted.   Example below.
  4.  Bring your print off with you to the Masquerading Angels Ball and cash it in with the chip dealer.  You will get $1 casino chip for each vote! 

What your print off should look like:

Vote for Casino Chips

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