Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Our Band - Bull City Syndicate / Cafe Mars

From the band's site:

No other band from the Carolinas, or the entire Mid-Atlantic region for that matter, dares attempt the intricate fusion of rhythm-section funk, 4-horn firepower, and soaring vocals this band throws down each time they play live.

Featuring the Bull City Horns on their front line, Bull City Syndicate has been building a loyal and ever-growing following for twelve years featured not only at the top area restaurants and clubs, but also statewide at music festivals, colleges, weddings, private and corporate parties, as well as many local and national charity events. It will be worth your effort to check out why Bull City Syndicate is more than just a cliche' wedding band, why they are one of the most in-demand bands in the Mid-Atlantic states, and why the crowds at their public appearances are always filled with musicians from other bands.

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